Nurture 16/17


I have not blogged for quite a few months owing to a wave of personal and professional struggles (I won’t bore you with the details). In fact I have not really engaged on Twitter as much as I usually do. No doubt I’ve missed an array of interesting blogs and discussions. However it has meant less online time and more face to face time. With this in mind I thought I’d look at my last Nurture post and do some reflecting (and tick a CPD reflection box).

This is the list from my Nurture 15/16 post last December. 

  1. Progress ‘me time’ to being actually during the day and not sat staring at walls thinking about work etc…
  2. Look at changing the content of the online learning resources. This will involve a discussion with the students concerned.
  3. Continue to attend the #UKFEchat events and contribute to the weekly discussion forums.
  4. Keep my daughter on track with her school work (she has a lazy streak).
  5. As last year, I will continue to engage with twitter and I am already booked in for Primary Rocks in March and Northern Rocks in June.

On reflection the list was a bit crap. So here is my new one that I will no doubt forget about. I am the type of person that instantly forgets any action plan or target I’ve set myself.

Nurture 16/17

  1. This ‘me time’ malarkey is quite important. To be fair I have managed quite a bit over the summer but not so much so over autumn. As we are now in winter I will get back to walking and cycling. I have no excuse now I’ve been given a bloody Fitbit for Christmas. I hope I don’t become obsessed with it and look at it as much as I look at my phone!
  2. I have done this and altered the content. I will be seeking feedback off students in the new year. 
  3. I have been rather lapsed in engaging with #UKFEchat. I do apologise to my fellow #UKFEchatters. I will make more of an effort in 2017.
  4. I have had some success with this and I’m pleased to say she is doing well. So I will continue being the nagging mum. I just wish she didn’t act like ‘Kevin the Teenager’ at home. 
  5. My son will be starting secondary school in 2017. I want to support and help him make as smooth a transition from primary to secondary as possible. Having personally spent the first few years at secondary school being bullied I am determined he will not have as miserable time as I did. 
  6. I have got tickets to Primary Rocks again with the lovely @cherrylkd (I teach students wishing to work in early years and primary school settings, in case you are wondering why an FE teacher would attend such an event). I’m also going to Northern Rocks and I would like to attend a few more education related events. Especially Research Ed as I missed the first FE one this year. 

I’m still enjoying teaching, however as in any educational sector there are many things that need fixing (or being chucked out all together). I hope 2017 finds less sticking plasters over things that need fixing.