A great day of learning at #LLL16


It was a typical British July day yesterday (yes it was cold and damp) as Cherryl and I got on the 8.20am train to the first Lead, Learn, Lancs conference. I was still recovering from a throat infection and feeling nervous about presenting for the first time. Thankfully I was co presenting with Cherryl (although it was her fault I was doing it in the first place).

When we arrived at the school (after enjoying some humorous banter with our taxi driver) we were greeted by several friendly fresh faced students (originally we did think they were NQT teachers). The rooms were set up and everything looked fantastic. Sarah and Linda had done an amazing job organising this event.

First up was the brilliant Lynn McCann (@reachoutASC). Aside from Cherryl and I learning that neither of us could draw round a star using just a mirror, Lynn helped us understand the issues children with autism have when writing. To find out more see here for her resources.

Cherryl and I then set up our workshop. A few delegates arrived which was reassuring and the familiar face of Mike Highton (@isright) and his cheeky banter helped settle our nerves. So with virtually a full class we got started. Our theme was Life of a child with SEND. We wanted to explore the challenges met by these children entering their final years at school. The workshop helped encourage discussion on whether we protect our 16 plus SEND students within the special school environment, or encourage more independence in an FE college.

Next up was Jax (@jordyjax) who talked with real passion about PRU’s.

Later that day we went to see the excellent Stephen Tierney’s (@LeadingLearner) workshop. Do take time to look at his blog site for an amazing range of information and resources. Here is a sample of what he discussed yesterday.

Finally we went to the lovely Julian Wood’s (@Ideas_Factory) workshop. I will enjoy trying out some of his ideas with my students training to be early year practitioners.

The closing note was from Natalie Scott (@nataliehscott). It was fascinating to hear about her involvement with the charity Edlumino Education Aid.

Well done Sarah Bedwell (@flymygreekflag) and Linda Hopkins (@LindaHopkins38) for a great day. Looking forward to next year!



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