#teacher5aday the story so far…

Ok so on the 10th December 2014 I made some promises to myself for #teacher5aday (see here). Obviously you are all desperate to know how I am getting on, no? Tough, here is my update.


My main focus was to reconnect with my family, primarily my children. I am happy to say through spending more quality time at bedtime with stories and doing more activities it has been a success. My daughter has reduced her ‘Kevin the teenager’ attitude and my son is less obsessed with the word ‘no’. I am not saying for one minute things are perfect but certainly a great deal calmer than before.


I actually had not considered doing this as I hate the idea of exercise classes or huffing and puffing on one of those tread mill things. However it turns out I managed to get back swimming with my children and ventured into the world of jogging with my son this weekend. So watch this space!


I am trying to refresh myself on playing the guitar. I am a bit rusty so I think it is fair to class it as learning. In addition to this I am currently learning how to create online resources at college in order to meet FELTAG requirements. So far I am quite enjoying the challenge.


I have started to notice more how supportive the team I work in is at college. Partly because I have written about it in my contribution to the second #ukfechat guide book (due out soon), but also because like most of us coming back after Christmas it can be quite exhausting. It seems we all seem to be ‘cheerleading’ each other on with words of encouragement, updates on how many working dates till half term and a never ending supply of chocolates and biscuits (I might need to up the jogging).


This is a tough one as I hardly have any spare time. However I suppose I volunteer my free time to students when they need additional support and I have down tools to give a sympathetic ear to friends that need to ‘sound off’. I would genuinely love to volunteer time to a charity and I am determined I will, but it needs to be something that I can do with my children.

If you have not done so already it might be worth considering #teacher5aday yourself.