My #teacher5aday


In response to @MartynReah ‘s blog post #teacher5aday I have made some decisions on what changes in my life I can do to improve my own wellbeing. At first I wasn’t sure where to begin. Then I noticed a tweet between @MartynReah and @ChrisChivers2 about art, unbeknown to them in was catalyst for me. Memories came flooding back on all the things I used to do. These were the things I had put to one side due to the demands of teaching. Some of the things I used to like doing were writing poems and short stories, drawing, painting, playing my guitar, gardening and baking. I know it sounds a bit twee but that’s what I enjoyed, it helped me relax. I also remembered I’d promised myself I would learn to play the piano and the drums!

Obviously I realised I couldn’t do everything so I decided I was going to pick up my guitar, do more baking and dig out my paints. Then I looked at my children and thought again. They are what keep me going and deserve more of my time, but where could I give them this? That is when I decided I’d make more of an effort at bedtime for starters. I read to them before bed, my 8 year old son still loves it but my 10 year old daughter is hit and miss. It really depends on whether she hates me and wishes she lived with another family or she’s at the “you don’t understand me” stage. So instead of my quick story and chat before I rush off to mark or plan I have started (five days ago to be precise) to read to both of them in a more timely manner. You know what it feels good and my daughter seems a little less grumpy!

Sometimes you really do need to sit back and take a long hard look. So for now my children will be on top of my #teacher5aday. The other things will happen and I’ll keep a little blog update to ensure it does. Please try to have a go yourself, even if it’s just one small thing. #wellbeingsuperhero



They don’t stay babies forever x