Reading #blogsync Joint blog from @cherrylkd and @clyn40

Joint post with @cherrylkd on books that have influenced us over the years. This post is for @Eductronic_Net #blogsync


#Blogsync for July asks us to look at the influence that books have had on our lives. You can see all the blogs on this subject by visiting @Edutronic_Net and looking at blogsync. 

I met up with my good friend @clyn40 for drinks in our local pub on Thursday last week and we discussed several twitter related items. First up was @cazzwebbo’s ‘Sweet Dreams Charity Calendar’ and we discussed her sheer hard work in getting this off the ground. Well done to her! Next we chatted about #starkeyfest2 and our forthcoming trip to Leeds. We’re both looking forward to this. Watch out Leeds, we’re coming your way! Lastly, we discussed #blogsync and books. We decided it might be a bit different to do a joint one for this month as it’s the holidays. We hope no one minds. 

When I was growing up our house was always full of…

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