FE Reflection wk 4 – minion

This is week four of doing a weekly account/ semi reflection in response to @drkeevil idea #SundayConfessional for FE teachers on Twitter. Disappointinly no principles (apologies if I am wrong) have not done this. This weekend @headguruteacher posted a blog on a typical week for him which was really insightful – see here. Just like we want our senior management to remember what it is like on the ‘shop floor’ I think we also would benefit from hearing what it is like in a senior position. Anyway I digress, here is my offering for this week.

Monday 24thJune

Staff development this morning on forms of assessment (summative and formative). As I mentioned in a previous post we teach both BTEC and CACHE so it was quite interesting to look at both awarding bodies guidance on assessment. In small groups we wrote down all the types of assessment we have used. Then in our groups fed back on the two we use the least and why, the two that were high on the list was role play and video. After that we took a unit from either awarding body and discussed what forms of assessment would work best. The afternoon was spent working on SOW and creating BTEC assignments.

Tuesday 25th June

Spent the morning continuing on SOW and assignments and checking all students claim forms for their Level 3’s in Health & Social Care had been processed.

Later in the day it was our departments QAM (quality assurance meeting) where we get to summarise a large report each personal tutor completed in relation to their tutor groups. Each of us had to highlight a strength and a weakness of the course. General consensus was that a strength was retention but a weakness was attendance. Attendance has been a real issue this year and a various strategies have been put in place. New academic year’s primary focus is to tackle this issue right from the off!

Wednesday to Friday 26 – 28th June

Planning at home.

Finally a bit of reflection

Just recently I have been having a rethink on my teaching career, a few months back I was all ready for applying for as many senior roles as my experience and qualifications would allow me. This was partly because of pressure from my husband but also because I have always progressed well in any job I did and saw no reason why I couldn’t do the same in this job. Especially as I have always been graded good to outstanding as a teacher. Although after so much coverage over the year on grading I am now less in awe of getting certain grades, it no longer has any real value to me (although I did actually consider getting last years ob report framed!). What does is coming away from a lesson knowing my students learnt something and enjoyed it.

What got me thinking about my direction in the FE environment was primarily due to an article by @mrssarahsimons for the IFL’s journal InTuition (page 24/25 if your interested) I had along with other female FE teachers discussed progression and opportunities for women in FE. It was reading my own comments again that made me realise I was happy being a subject teacher. I think had I been 10 years younger or my children older I would have happily taken on board the challenge to ‘rise up in the ranks’. However I don’t have a time machine and even if I did I probably wouldn’t change a thing. So in conclusion I am happy to stay as I am, a little minion in the ever changing world of FE.

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