The ‘Mopping Up Month’ part 2

Ok this is a continuation from last weeks post. I should explain why I’ve called it the ‘Mopping Up Month’, its basically at this time of year a case of helping students that have fallen behind with assignments through one reason or another and a month of collating data to do reports and tying up loose ends. Ready for starting curriculum planning for the next academic year. I’m actually enjoying doing this as it is giving me time to reflect…(but don’t tell anyone!)

Monday 10th June

Today was a none college day. However spent it flitting from housework to marking and answering emails.

However the evening was spent at an awards night for our students. A good night and lovely to see them all dressed up, also very impressed at how some of them can manage to walk in such amazing heels! It was also good for them (and staff) to be introduced to the our new principal.

Tuesday 11th June 2013

Right lets see if we can help another few students get completed today………..yes two more!

Have also written several references for late applications through UCAS. Also started another lovely report for course review. More collating data and inputing!

Today we had an EV visit which is always stressful and yet we always do really well thanks to a fab team…..Just heard it went great tonight 🙂 This is when I remember why I love my job, I work with amazingly hard working and dedicated people. Very proud to be part of this team 🙂

Wednesday 12th June 2013

Bloody knackered! Spent the day with several students and chased several other students up with phone calls. All the time in the back of my head I keep reminding myself I have a huge report to complete aswell as the individual student reports! Also another thought pops in to my head – what I am going to cook the kids for tea tonight, trivial I know but important none the less.

Later I got brave and asked my CM (Curriculum Manager) when the staff timetables were being given out and did I even have one? She looked at me as though I were mad “of course you have one”! However I am still none the wiser as to what I am teaching or what days, hours etc…Still its been the same every year so far. Grrr

Thursday 13th June 2013

In again, had a student to see and that large report to start.

Started doing an action plan (to go with the report) for the new academic year, this made me reflect on my practice and where improvements could be made. It also got me thinking about the Eportfolio we use for our students to submit work – OneFile. I have had some real ups and downs with it as have my students! Wonder if any other FE colleges have used this? Would be great to hear thoughts.

Tonight’s discussion on UKFEChat was on TED . It was really interesting it hear how different FE lecturers use it in their sessions. Here is a clip I saw from Sir Ken Robinson a few years ago on creativity. Recently on Twitter it has become apparent that there is a definite mixture of feelings towards TED and indeed creativity. If I had more time and was better organised I would add links to several blogs! I promise I will do…..eventually.


Day off today, which worked out well as I have reached the point of not being able to think or function…

Wonder what will happen next week? Maybe I’l get my teaching timetable! That would be quite a handy thing to have!

Anyway I will leave you with a song (saw these in March) just for the Hell of it 🙂