The Joys of Blogging

I actually am not entirely new to blogging, I did start one in 2009. However that was via another Blog site and me generally moaning about day to day life. Still it helped get ‘things off my chest’ and also made me reflect on whatever it was at the time was concerning me.

The title ‘The Joys of Blogging’ is quite sincere, I have learnt a lot through reading other educators blogs (some of my favourite bloggers are also people I have the pleasure of knowing via Twitter). I used to think blogging was for people who were either intellectual or just liked ‘sounding off’, I am happy to say that I soon realised this was not the case!

What inspired me to start blogging was when I joined the world of Twitter in August of this year (2012). Primarly I started tweeting because I had spent the last four years studying (along with teaching during the day) and wanted something to do to keep my mind active! Well it certainly did that! I found by following people that were in education that I had an endless flow of resources to look at and share. In addition to this I also started to keep up to date with news that was both related to education and the subject areas I taught in. Then I started reading peoples blogs and thought why not?

I said I wouldn’t make any New Year resolutions but on reflection – what the hell! It will give me something to laugh at next New Years Eve.

  1. Keep upto date with my marking (even if it means skipping sleep).
  2. Clean my desk once a week (my colleagues will be pleased).
  3. Blog at least once a month! 
  4. Remember to write on my SOW after every session (HOS will be pleased!).
  5. Take my children swimming every Saturday (even if I am full of a cold etc…).
  6. Start jogging round the park (my body might not be pleased with this at first).
Actually bored of this now, so I will leave it at that!

The thing is or should I say the point is, I realise it doesn’t matter whether you are able to write a brilliant thought provoking blog or not. What matters is the fact that you care enough to think and reflect on circumstances, situations, issues and any other stuff! So I will carry on regardless (I feel a song coming on)!