Teacher Training – Things I wish I’d known!

Back in 2008 when I started my journey into being a post compulsory teacher (or FE teacher whichever you prefer), I was told it would be a lot of hard work balancing writing assignments, lesson planning, creating resources, researching and teaching! Yes they were not lying and I certainly was not under the delusion it would be an ‘easy ride’, but they forgot to mention the other stuff – the online learning, using a Promethean board (grr), the impact it has on your personal life and your sanity!

If ever anyone writes a book on ‘what to consider now your partner is in education’ they would make a killing (I did actually search for one)! I love teaching but it’s so damn hard when you have young children, an unsympathetic husband and a house that won’t clean itself (yes please play the violins for me).

Anyway, here are some of the things they didn’t tell me that I wish they had (although to be fair the teacher training manual probably didn’t include this)!

  1. You can’t do any study till your kids go to bed and when they do your too knackered to do it!
  2. Your dress size will either diminish as you forget to eat, or the opposite you gorge yourself on anything for comfort (I diminished)!
  3. You increase your wine intake (constant companion when writing assignments).
  4. The books you are told to read can reduce you to tears of despair! You at times wonder what the hell are they talking about, and seek out a dictionary/thesaurus. 
  5. The college Elearn facility is a minefield of information that will make no sense at first (and to some never will)!
  6. Using the online library for Ebooks is soul destroying for people who like a book physically in their hand (I’m one of them!).
  7. Your partner (husband in my case) will expect you to do everything you did before you started teaching and they will do the same too!
  8. Suddenly you realise your not just a wife and mother (obviously this information only applys to specific  people!) and you have another identity – you! This in my case did not bode well with my husband (still doesn’t, but hey ho).
  9. You will spend a lot of time crying and staring at the wall for inspiration! 
  10. You end up with high blood pressure!

Remember this is all from my perspective, and one size does not fit all! 

Despite all the trials and tribulations I am still happily teaching in college and have mastered their Elearn facility and got over using Ebooks!